We’re OfficeWerks, a comfortable and innovative place that believes in the power of people.

This Co-working Space is so much more than a place to be productive. It’s a place to grow and conquer your goals. Our team of entrepreneurs, designers, consultants, and end-users have all collaborated to develop the space, programs, and events that not only promise loads of fun but also a haven for individuals to sharpen their skillsets, develop their professional network, and perform their work at an exceptional level.

We offer many options for you to benefit from OfficeWerks. These options are described in finer detail in the Workspaces tab in the navigation bar. However, a free tour, is the best place to start. Let us show you all of the amenities and introduce you to the community of like-minded people.


We believe in freeing yourself from the conventional constraints of average office spaces.

WHETHER IT’S A PRIVATE OFFICE for your team, a dedicated desk for yourself, or just a space to meet and impress your guest, we provide flexible spaces with multiple solutions for any of your needs.

Coworking is a lifestyle that’s been growing traction for years. By sharing an office space with others, you’re sharing ideas. By visiting the coffee bar, you’re investing in dreams you’ve never had time to even vocalize. And that’s the magic of coworking; when we work together, we get infinitely more accomplished.

Carrying a footprint of over 2,000 square feet in the beautiful Safety Harbor area, our location is becoming a space for entrepreneurs to grow their ideas together

Coworking aims to improve upon an older, more rigid business model that does not account for the unique needs of evolving industries. We provide a flexible workspace that allows for individuals working independently or collaboratively in shared office space.

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